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Terms and Conditions



These terms and general conditions apply to all offers and all contracts concluded with Van Seggeren Internetverkopen BV.


A purchase agreement comes into effect when Van Seggeren Internetverkopen BV sends the order confirmation e-mail, following an order made by the purchasing customer. The purchasing customer accepts the terms and delivery conditions by placing the order, confirms to have read all of the conditions, and is 18 or older or has permission from parents or legal guardians. Any mistakes are entirely at the risk and expense of the purchaser.


The payment is to be received within 7 days after the order date. If payment is not received within 7 days, delivery may be cancelled and price is subject to change. Van Seggeren Internetverkopen BV is not liable for costs charged by a bank to the purchaser, these costs are the purchasers responsibility. All prices are in Euro including 19% sales tax.  The price does not include shipping costs unless otherwise stated or agreed upon. All prices are subject change.


Delivery dates indicated by Van Seggeren Internetverkopen BV are not guaranteed.  When an article is no longer available for any reason, Van Seggeren Internetverkopen BV shall notify you by phone or by email. Van Seggeren Internetverkopen BV chooses the method of shipment and packaging. The time of the legal provision applies when the goods leave Van Seggeren Internetverkopen BV. Van Seggeren Internetverkopen BV is entitled to make partial deliveries.


When an order is sent COD and the purchaser refuses or does not pick up their package it is agreed under this contract that Van Seggeren Internetverkopen will charge the customer with the expenses of delivery. COD is only possible in the Netherlands.


The purchaser shall inspect the products immediately after arrival and shall notify us if there are faults within 24 hours, preferably by e-mail or by telephone. If you have other complaints you can send Van Seggeren Internetverkopen BV an e-mail response time will be within 48 hours.


Van Seggeren Internetverkopen BV contracts are governed by Dutch law. The competent Dutch court in connection with other authorities is competent to hear all disputes under the agreement between Van Seggeren InternetverkopenBV and the purchasing customer might arise.


If Van Seggeren Internetverkopen BV cannot perform its obligations by an event or circumstance of Force Majeure, those obligations shall be suspended during the continuance of the Force Majeure. If the duration of the Force Majeure exceeds 14 days, both parties shall have the right to dissolve the agreement in whole or in part by giving written notice to the other party to that effect, without any resulting right to compensation (for ensuing damage). Van Seggeren Internetverkopen BV's circumstances of Force Majeure shall be understood to mean any circumstances independent from its will, which prevents the performing of its obligations to the purchaser in whole or in part or by which the performing of its obligations cannot be reasonably demanded, no matter whether that circumstance could have been foreseen when the agreement was made. These circumstances include strikes, lockouts and stagnation or other problems with our suppliers and/or acts of government. Parties shall inf orm each other as soon as possible about a (possible) circumstance of Force Majeure.


Van Seggeren Internetverkopen BV provides no further guarantee on the products of third parties than that which it has obtained from its supplier or the supplier provides directly to the end user. When there is improper use, improper installation or other causes beyond the control of Van Seggeren Internetverkopen BV Internet, the warranty becomes void. The warranty does not cover costs or damages caused by changes or repairs to products by the purchaser or on the purchaser's behalf, use of the products for purposes they were not intended for, careless or improper treatment or maintenance.
Van Seggeren Internetverkopen BV provides no guarantee beyond that which is described in this article.


For any direct or indirect damage which Van Seggeren Internetverkopen BV the liability has not explicitly accepted in these conditions, Van Seggeren Internetverkopen BV is not liable, except damage caused by intent or (gross) negligence on the part of Van Seggeren Internetverkopen BV. The purchasing customer indemnifies Van Seggeren Internetverkopen BV in this matter against all third party claims.
The liability of Van Seggeren Internetverkopen BV remains at all times limited to the amount of the invoice of the delivery or to the maximum amount Van Seggeren Internetverkopen BV could have charged the purchasing customer. The limitation of liability as provided in this article applies equally to staff, employees and other persons designated by Van Seggeren Internetverkopen BV to implement the agreement.


It is possible that some images are different from the actual product and no rights can be derived from the photograph.
In all cases not mentioned in these terms the management of Van Seggeren Internetverkopen BV shall decide.


Returns are only accepted with sufficient postage, returns without sufficient postage will not be accepted. Parts can be returned within 14 days provided it has been approved by Van Seggeren Internetverkopen BV. Parts used, damaged, no longer in their original packaging, or specially ordered cannot be returned. Before you send it return send us a e-mail with your ordernumber and we will send you our shipping details.